Satan has infiltrated the church to the point where he has also violated God’s order for the church leadership. There are an ever-increasing number of women who call themselves by titles which God has reserved only for men. We see salutations like, “Pastor Joyce”, “Rev. Alison”, “Apostle Jane”, or “Bishop Susan” in many churches, especially in the charismatic group, and some are self-appointed.

God has ordained that only men are to serve in positions of spiritual authority in the church. This does not mean that men are better teachers or women are inferior. It is simply the way God designed the church to function. Christ knows best how to order His church. Unfortunately, some have determined they have a far better design for the church than God originally intended. Christian feminists have encouraged weaker men, and masculine women are replacing male leadership.

In recent years, there has been a dramatic shift in attitude regarding women pastors. While women represented 2.3% of clergy in the 1960s, by 2017, the total percentage of women as clergy has reached 20.6%. Barna Research suggests that 84% of women and 75% of men are comfortable with women pastors. Many evangelical churches continue to ordain women pastors in spite of God’s direct command, and the woman preacher is a disgrace to the church.

We find the divine directive pertaining to the women’s place in the church in 1 Cor. 14:33-38. Women should be silent in the churches and they are not permitted to speak, since it is disgraceful for a woman to speak in the church. This is a universal command given to all the churches. There is no ambiguity in this command and it is impossible to misinterpret either.

Source of this rebelliousness

At the fall, God pronounced judgment upon Eve (Gen 3:16). Since then women have an unhealthy desire to dominate over men. Prohibition to teach or to exercise authority over a man (1 Timothy 2:12) does not mean they cannot teach women. They are called to teach their children and younger women. But the tendency of the fallen heart is to overpower men and the wicked seek to pervert the truth of Holy Scripture as they act in defiance against the LORD they claim to serve. Headship in the home and body of Christ is a non-negotiable, divinely-ordained role for men alone to fulfill and an incontestable truth.

Female priests in the Bible

You will not find any female priests or any spiritual leaders in the Old Testament or in New Testament. There was never an authorized king or queen in Israel or Judah. They were always men. There were several women who served God in different times and Miriam was one such woman. She was known for helping Moses deliver Israelites during the Exodus. She led Hebrew women in singing, dancing and playing drums. She has been given the title ‘prophetess’ because of her role. There are a handful of women in the scripture identified this way. The others are Deborah, the judge (Judges 4:4); Huldah, the wife of Shallum (2 Chron. 34:22); Isaiah’s wife (Isaiah 8:3); Anna (Luke 2:36-38); and Phillip’s four unmarried daughters (Acts 21:8-9). There is no indication in the scriptures that they went out and preached in public.

The final verdict

As it pertains to male eldership and pastoral leadership in the church, scripture is clear and instructions are straightforward. God appointed only men as elders and pastors in the church and gave strict orders for women to keep quiet with full submission to the men’s authority (1 Tim 2:8-15). Submission is not a weakness; it is a divine order established in the creation (Gen2:18) and re-confirmed at the fall (Gen 3:16).

Satan has brought Jezebels into the church which God hates and judges severely. Everyone who supports and allows this woman, Jezebel, to lead its members into spiritual adultery and idolatry is guilty of crime, and Christ says, “I will strike her children dead” (Rev 2:20-23). If you love your life, you don’t want to be in her church for Christ promises that the consequence is going to be death to you and your family. Get out of those churches that are steeped in rebellion against the order of the LORD.

Excuse me Miss Jezebel, you cannot possibly be a pastor, apostle, prophet, evangelist, or teacher of men in the sense of the office given only to those who are “the HUSBAND of one wife” which is an utter impossibility for a female (1 Timothy 3:2). Since when can a female be a “husband”? Just because you ‘feel’ like you’re called or ‘gifted’ to do preaching, it doesn’t give you the right to overthrow biblical qualifications. If the Word of God is not the final authority with you, you will not be recognized.